Prolific: Earn Money by Helping Researchers

Prolific was created by the University of Oxford in 2014… it is now the world’s largest crowdsourcing community for researchers to recruit the right participants for their studies. Participants earn cash rewards for helping researchers with their academic studies. I’ve earned £100’s with prolific over the past few years and enjoyed some pretty cool studies along the way too!

Prolific Survey Site

Prolific Studies

Unlike most survey sites, the studies that you participate in on Prolific are academic (meaning that they’re less about improving company sales and more about advancing science!). I find the research questions far more interesting on this site and have even been payed to play games and rate images.

Because it is used by students, academics and scientists you can expect the surveys to be very well designed, targeted at you specifically (so no mid-way-disqualifications) and accurate predicted time to complete.

You can also sleep happy at night knowing that you’re helping to advance science by completing the ethical studies that are posted on Prolific!

How does Prolific compare to other survey sites?

Payment For Your Time

Of all the survey sites that I’ve signed up to over the years, Prolific pays better than any other site! Surveys can pay anything between 30p-£5. There is also the possibility of getting a bonus from the researcher at the end of the study if you pay attention the research questions! I’ve had a few little bonuses of 50p and £5.

I’ve earned over £80 so far with this site! You can withdraw your earnings as soon as you’ve earned £5 through PayPal. Payment usually takes no longer than a couple of days to get into your account. With any survey site I cash out as soon as I can (just in case the company goes bust or changes the reward payments).

Invite Your Friends

Prolific will also reward you for inviting friends to join the site! The reward you receive depends on how much your friends earn (so helping them to earn will lead to you earning more!). When your friend withdraws their first payment you’ll get 10% of what they withdraw. SO if they cash out £50, you’ll get £5!

If you have a friend who has money to complete a research project it’s also worth referring them to Prolific too! For every Researcher that signs up through your invite you’ll get 10% of the total value of their first study (split between you and the researcher you refer). So if they run a study worth £1,000, you’ll get £100 split between you and the researcher as a reward.

Sign Up to Prolific

Do you want to get paid to take part in ethical, academic studies that will help to shape science? Sign up to Prolific through the link below to get started.

Sign up to Prolific

Earn More Money from Researchers?

If you like Prolific, it might be worth looking at Respondent and Appen too! Respondent is a company that pays you to help researchers with their studies. The research projects vary from week to week but most studies can be done from home on your PC or over the phone. And Appen offer work from home projects for over 1 million flexible workers in over 130 countries. The tasks are all online and include speaking phrases into a microphone or rating social media ads and search engines.

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