5 Free Tools For Data Analysis

Data analytics is vital for businesses looking to succeed and improve their operations. Data analysis can provide you with a wealth of valuable insights, yet only if you can find those insights and know how to use them best. Luckily there are several free data analytics tools out there to help your business to stay on top (without breaking the bank)!

Data on a computer


1 . Tableau 

Tableau is a popular tool for handling both simple and complex forms of data. 

Here you’ll find shared and mobile-ready dashboards, data notifications, and dashboard comments. Tableau allows you to filter and highlight data, as well as import a range of sizes and types. There is a simple to use ‘drag-and-drop’ and toggle view plus the option to translate queries to visualizations. Using Tableau, you can deploy mobile device management to seamlessly manage the program across your entire organization. MDM based software is particularly useful when employees are regularly working from home.

 2 . QlikView

Qlikview is considered a top tool in terms of data visualization. To use Qlikview, you’ll need to have some knowledge of SQL and or data modeling. With QlikView, you can create analytics apps using the valuable insights which the system provides. With a strong data visualization tool, you can enhance the quality of your company decisions and progress ongoing. QlikView is available within the cloud, and the platform offers simple collaboration between all users. Data visualizations and insights are easily shared between all appropriate employees. 

3. KNIME Analytics 

KNIME analytics is an easy to navigate solution aimed at data scientists. There are many useful features, including data blending tools, large data extensions, and a wide range of integration options. With KNIME, you can discover statistics and deploy statistical tests. You can also clean data via type conversion or normalization. KNIME will allow you to make predictions using PMML or to build machine learning models.

4. Power BI

This is a Microsoft based tool that allows you to gather insights from cloud data or from data stored on-premise. Power BI works via special content packs, including embedded queries or data model queries. There’s a particularly attractive feature called ‘Natural Language Q & A,’ which enables users to type questions and receive the correct answer and content. Power BI also includes features such as AX Data Analysis Function. 

5. Orange

This is an interactive data visualization tool where you can explore stats, decision trees, heatmaps, or linear projections. Orange enables you to discover hidden patterns and can help domain experts and data scientists to communicate information seamlessly. It’s simple to select any given data point no matter what the diagram or visualization. Use Orange as a tool to understand your data, even if you lack knowledge of machine learning or underlying stats. 

When it comes to data analytics, there is much to learn, and the more knowledge that you have, the better use you’ll make of these tools and others. For those interested to learn more, there are plenty of courses out there. An online mba data analytics, for instance, is a worthy pursuit for those looking to embark upon an analytics based career. 

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