Kidstart: Build Your Children’s Savings Account

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This week I discovered an amazing website that allows you to earn money every time you shop! The website is called KidStart, they help you to build your children’s savings account with the money you earn!

What is KidStart?

KidStart is a free shopping club that gives you money back every time you shop (available at most major retailers). This money is to help you build up a savings account for your children, grandchildren, or child to be.

KidStart is basically a cashback site for parents/grandparents/parents to be. Each time you shop through the links on the KidStart website, Kidstart will get commission for referring you to a retailers website and then transfer this cashback to you. You can find out more about cashback sites in my Guide to Cashback.

Save for your Children’s Future

As well as the fab promotion that KidStart are currently running, they also allow you to easily build up a savings account for your little ones. Simply sign up to KidStart, search for the retailer that you want to buy uniform/stationary/pretty much anything from and click through to their site. Shop as normal and you’ll see the savings made on your purchase in your account within 24 hours (although it can on occasion take longer), they’ll also email you to confirm. Save into whichever bank, building society or child savings account you have set up.

Invite Friends and Family

You’ll get a unique referral code upon signing up that you can use to invite friends and family. KidStart will pay you a £5 referral bonus into your account every time you invite a new member (they must save at least £5 before you’re rewarded). There are tons of rewards schemes that offer you money in exchange for you inviting your friends!

You can invite family and friends to link their accounts to your children’s meaning that every time they shop through KidStart they’re contributing to your children’s savings account(s)!

My favourite offer on KidStart is the reward you get for shopping at Amazon as I shop with Amazon regularly and they very rarely allow you to get any kind of promotion on their site! If your little ones aren’t so little any more and need to start saving money on their own send them in the direction of my Student Discount Guide.

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