Travelling and Saving Money with National Express

This post is written in collaboration with National Express

I love to travel and visit cities within the UK. This summer I’ve travelled to London, Leeds and Manchester to see the sights and visit friends. And this is becoming increasingly common with more Brits opting for staycations over holidays abroad. Just this weekend I ventured to Manchester with my partner for a day out.

But I wouldn’t be a very good money blogger if I didn’t save some money on my travels. Travel to London particularly isn’t cheap, in fact one customer was charged £287 for a train ticket from Manchester to London! In this post I’m going to show you how I bagged myself a comfortable journey to one of the UK’s most popular cities and saved my bank balance at the same time!

The Cheapest Way to Travel across the UK

Coaches are almost always more affordable than trains. Take for example the cost of travel from Sheffield to London, here is a breakdown of the difference in costs.

When planning a month in advance, the cheapest return journey I could find on the train would cost me over £60. Now compare this to the cheapest return journey I can find when travelling via National Express coach. For the times I need, it would cost me £11.80 to get to and from London via the coach.

That’s over £48 saved on a return journey! Of course if you also take into account that you might be travelling with friends or family that saving will multiply!

Another point worth considering when booking coach travel (or train travel) is that you can also bag cashback! I’ve spotted an extra saving of 6% cashback for National Express via TopCashback and 2% on-card cashback via Airtime rewards (you can combine them saving even more money!).

Coach Travel Perks

I personally prefer coach travel to train travel. If you’ve never considered travelling by coach before, make this the year that you do! Here are just a few of the advantages for taking a holiday by coach:

You’re always guaranteed a seat.

You can also reserve front row seats, extra legroom and premium seats to ensure an experience that meets your needs. This is particularly helpful if you’re travelling with a friend or family member as you’re guaranteed to be seated next to them!

It’s comfier.

Coaches actually have more legroom than planes or trains and the seats themselves are more cushioned for extra comfort.

Charging and WiFi facilities.

Enjoy hours of on-board entertainment including hit TV shows, news, sports and more with the free National Express VUER app.

You have a better view of the on-route sights.

Being seated higher up, you will have good views over the hedgerow to admire the local scenery.

It’s better for the environment!

For example, a trip from London to Edinburgh via coach results in average CO2 emissions per passenger of 9.2kg, whereas the same journey by a car carrying 1.56 persons would produce 71kg, by plane 96.4, and by modern high speed electric train 11.9. If you’re looking to do your bit for the environment then coach travel is a good alternative to car/train/plane.

Book your next Journey with National Express

National Express allow you to book online via the Journey Planner. Alternatively you can book by phone (0871 781 8181 – phone bookings incur a £2.50 booking fee), at the station, or via a travel agent (there are post office branches and high street agents nationally).

Once you’ve booked your journey, your ticket will be sent to you along with an order confirmation email. Simply print/download the ticket and bring it with you on the day of departure. You don’t have to worry about losing your ticket, as long as you have your ticket number you will be able to log back onto the website and print another copy!

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I had a blast on the journey to and from Manchester. Thanks to National Express for providing the comfy seats, free WiFi, and scenic views!

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