The Cheapest Date to Book a Holiday

Holidays aren’t cheap, but what if I told you that you it’s possible to save over £500 just by booking your holiday on a certain date! Carry on reading to find out the best dates to book flights and hotels depending on where you’re wanting to holiday.

Cheap Holiday

Cheapest Date to Book Flights

Many companies try to entice holidaymakers with exciting discounts and offers to celebrate the new year… so it’s no surprise that the cheapest time to book a holiday is usually January!

Thinking of flying to America? The cheapest date to book flights to New York is the 10th January, saving the average holiday maker £141. The most expensive date was 29 July, when they were £491 more expensive!

Wanting to jet off to sunny Spain? Booking flights to Ibiza departing 13th April cost passengers just £11 on average – a whopping £274 cheaper than on the most expensive day, 25th May.

How does a holiday to Australia sound? The difference in the cost of flights to Sydney can be as much as £900! While flights to the other side of the world are never cheap, they are the cheapest on the 9th May, at an average cost £435. If you’re looking to book your flights to Sydney on the 19th December you can expect to pay an average of £1,313!

Cheapest Date to Book Hotel Rooms

Not dissimilar to booking flights, you can bag a bargain hotel room if you’re willing to book and travel out of season. If you’re not too fussy on the room you sleep in you could also save money by booking through Airbnb. You’ll also get £25 off your first booking if you sign up here.

Looking for a European break? On the cheapest date, 17th January, hotel room’s in Europe can drop to just £22. The 29th December is the most expensive date to book hotel rooms in Europe, rising to £142 on average.

Outside Europe, hotels can cost 10 times as much on the most expensive day of the year compared to the cheapest! The average cost for a night in a Marrakech hotel was as cheap as £23 on the 7th April. On the most expensive date – the 28th July, prices cost an average of £298 per night!

Holiday Money

Currency rates fluctuate each minute, Martin Lewis recommends hedging your bets if you’re wanting to try and get the most currency for your money. To do this, buy roughly half what you need before your travels – whether in cash or on a prepaid card and then for the rest just rely on the best rate on the day you spend. When I’m travelling I use the WeSwap travel card.

WeSwap are a peer-to-peer currency exchange platform that matches travellers heading in opposite directions and allows them to swap their travel money directly. They offer the best exchange rates, instant online currency and £10 free when you sign up (and load £50). They we’re also winners of the British Bank Award for Best Travel Money Provider 2018!

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Now all you have to do is pick your holiday destination, pack your bags and enjoy the in flight movie!

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