How to Get Your Autumn Wardrobe on the Cheap

Autumn is officially here! In need of a wardrobe update but lacking in funds? A bit of planning can save time and money while getting the perfect autumn wardrobe! Here are my top tips for updating your Autumn wardrobe on the cheap…

Autumn Wardrobe Versatility

Basic clothes are versatile clothes, but versatile clothes don’t have to be basic clothes. The most versatile items of clothing can be both dressed up or down, worn to the office or on a night out. Extra points if they can be also styled for other rare occasions like a wedding or party. Having items of clothing that you can pair with any outfit could be saving you £££’s in the long run! Here are a handful of wardrobe must haves that are entirely versatile, generally work for everyone and would make the perfect autumn look…

Autumn Wardrobe must-haves

Cashback, Cashback, Cashback!

Cashback is a money savers dream… especially if you regularly shop for clothes online! With one of many cashback sites you do your normal online shopping and then get a % of your purchase back! I’ve earned over £350 just by remembering to do this every time I shop!

TopCashback is my favourite cashback site! But there are loads to choose from depending on the shops you prefer and whether you’re saving for something specific!

More info on Cashback

Voucher/Discount Codes

I always check to see if there’s a discount code when I’m shopping! You can usually find at least one discount for money off or free shipping, so it’s worth checking every time you’re about to buy something!

My favourite site for finding money off discount codes is VoucherCodes but if you’re a student I’d recommend reading my student discount guide!

Student Discount Guide

Loyalty Cards

If used correctly loyalty cards can be a really useful way to save money on your shopping. Hate carrying around copious amounts of plastic in your wallet? Download loyalty apps or download an app like Stocard (to store them all in one app!).

I’ve put together a list of some of the best loyalty schemes, cards and apps, how many points you can earn, and what you can do with your points in my Loyalty Card Post.

The Best Loyalty Cards

Free £5 Shop

There’s also an app called Mallzee that offers £5 free (off your first £10 spend) when you sign up (promo code EMMAJUY). Mallzee is a lot like dating… but with clothes – you swipe right if you like the look and left if it’s not for you and then you get to compare the prices of all the clothes you swiped right to!

Sign up to Mallzee

Buy Second Hand

Buying second hand is not only great for your bank account, but it’s also a fab way to update your wardrobe with some old school classics. You could also consider selling your own unused clothes to make room (and money) for some new clothes! Some great places to buy and sell old clothes are ebay, vinted & depop.

Online Marketplaces

Do you have any top tips for updating your Autumn wardrobe on the cheap? Share them with us below…

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