4 Ways to Avoid Single Use Plastic

In 2020 most of us are looking for ways to change our lifestyle to become more eco-friendly. Although it isn’t an overnight process for most, it is one that is achievable and even by taking small steps in the right direction you are helping to cut down on single-use packaging.

So where to start? A lot of people feel overwhelmed when looking to make a change and don’t know where to start. So here are some easy but sustainable lifestyle ideas to get you started. 

At the supermarket

In the supermarket when picking loose items such as jacket potatoes, lemons and peppers it can be tempting to use the little plastic bags they provide to pop in your fruit and veg. You can avoid these completely by putting your products in your bag loose, then getting the items weighed at a till. Another idea would be to reuse the bag for next time. 

When sending mail

Many of us look at ways to make money online through a variety of side hustles, a great way to make some extra cash is by using eBay or Depop to part with your old stuff. Not only is this providing your old items with a new home, but it’s also giving you some extra money. Most of us turn to use plastic mailers to send out items. However, this is something you should consider changing.

By using cardboard boxes for shipping, you’re finding an easier and often a more cost-effective way to send out your mail.    

Cut out plastic straws

Plastic straws have been removed from many restaurants and are only provided when asked for or replaced with a paper alternative. If you’re not a fan of the paper alternative there are ways around it, including buying your own plastic straw which isn’t single-use and can be used hundreds of times and kept in your bag for when you’re out and about or a metal alternative, both are cost-effective and save plenty of waste.

Take your own coffee cup out

Going out for a coffee is an enjoyable experience. This can be if you’re meeting up with friends, getting a coffee to take out to accompany your afternoon snack or even just for some time away from everybody else. If you’re drinking within a coffee shop, you are usually provided with cups in the store which are washed and reused over and over. But if you’re taking your drink away with you, obviously this isn’t possible. 

If you invest in a takeaway cup, whether you buy it in the store or online (eBay have some great choices) then you’re making a good choice. Plus, most stores will offer you a discount for binning off their single-use cups (and plastic lids) as it saves the store money too.

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Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed these easy tips for working towards a more sustainable future with four easy swaps to get you started.

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