Free Date Night Ideas

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Looking for some cheap date night inspiration? Whether you’re looking for a night out, a night in, or you need to find someone to spend your nights with. Here is a list of completely free date night ideas.

Free Date Night Ideas

Free date night at home ideas

Quiz Night – Challenge your partner to see how well they really know you. Choose a variety of different questions that will test your partners knowledge of you and your relationship.

Movie Night – Bring the movies to you, get some blankets, buy some cheap popcorn, get cozy and enjoy a movie night for 2.

Board Game Night – Date night don’t always need fancy fairy lights and big gestures sometimes some quality time spent trying to beat each other at your favourite game is all it needs. Challenge your partner to a game of monopoly, winner picks their reward!

Time Capsule –  Have an evening of collecting your favourite memories. Create a time capsule of all the photos, tickets and keepsakes throughout your relationship.

Dream Date Design – Take time with your spouse to dream up the perfect date for each of you, or even better, create a bucket list of dates!

Treasure hunt – Take it in turns to turn your house into a treasure hunting zone. You could create a map or just have clues that lead to the next pot of treasure.

Holiday Planning Date – Your next holiday might not be free, but planning your next trip is (and can be a fun activity to do together)!

At home cooking class – There are endless free cooking classes available on YouTube. Cook a delicious meal before wining and dining each other.

Spa night – Light some candles, run a hot bath, and take turns giving each other a back massage!

Backyard bonfire – There is something romantic about a burning fire. Build a bonfire in your backyard and sip on your cold or hot drink of choice.

Free date night out ideas

Romantic Read – Pick up a book at your local library (or from your bookshelf), and find an awe-inspiring (think under park/lake/beach) view to start your two-person book club.

Go geocaching – Ready for a little adventure? Geocaching is like treasure hunting, but you never know what you might find! Get coordinates for hidden treasure stowed away by individuals from all over the globe at

Childhood tour – Take each other on a tour of your hometown, visit your old school, family home and childhood park.

Support a local event – Find free local events on Eventbrite. Events include parades, street markets, beer and wine tasting events, dance classes, comedy shows, and more!

Go hiking – Plan a day (or night) hiking trip out to the country side. Bring some snacks and spend the day walking through nature.

Stargazing – Who doesn’t love stars? Take some time to appreciate the stars and enjoy the beauty the night sky has to offer.

Volunteer together – there are thousands of organisations in need of volunteers and while it might not be the most romantic date, you’d be support a worthwhile cause together (cute!).

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More Date Night Inspiration?

I’d love to know what interesting or funny date ideas you would like to add to this list. Comment below or share your date night ideas with @beemoneysavvy and @welovedates!

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  • I love these ideas! What a great idea to have a holiday planning date! We never find the time to properly plan our holidays together – two birds, one stone! We also tend to opt for movie nights – it’s so much easier with having children xxx

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