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Are you a blogger looking to monetise your blog? Or a business looking to increase your brand awareness? If so, you need to learn about Get Blogged! The people behind Get Blogged have been working with bloggers for years and have built up an impressive network of talented influences; that they are ready to help connect with businesses and brands. As a blogger, I use the site to find paid blogging and social media opportunities. Businesses can use their services to increase their brand awareness and improve their search engine rankings.

Get Blogged paid blog work

Get Paid work as a Blogger

While it might not be why you started blogging, there’s something so satisfying about being paid as a microblogger. There are lots of ways that you can monetise your blog including affiliate networking, sponsored posts, content writing, brand reviews, banner ads, and some bloggers even create and sell their own products. Get Blogged offer bloggers paid work through blogging and social media assignments. Browse through the assignments available and look for an opportunity that suits your audience. Make sure that you’re happy to write about the topic in the time frame mentioned.

How much can I earn?

The payment for each assignment is based on your blogs DA (domain authority). The higher your DA the more you will get paid. Assignments are offered to bloggers with a DA starting from 5+ (great for new bloggers!) and moving all the way up to 40+. When you sign up to Get Blogged you’ll be able to see your DA before applying for an assignment, but you can also check your DA via checkmoz. Check your DA and skip straight to the assignments available to you via the opportunities page.

How do assignments work?

During the (very simple) application process you will be able to see the assignment specifics including:

  • The anchor text and link required within your blog post
  • A theme suggestion for your post
  • The deadline for your published post
  • How much you’ll be paid (once your post has met all the above requirements)

You’ll also have the opportunity to write a short covering letter; use this to pitch your great blog post ideas! In the 6 months that I’ve been signed up to Get Blogged they have always had paid opportunities available. Payment is made via PayPal within 48 hours of your work being approved by the quality control team.

Promoting your website as a Business

There are tons of ways that you can promote your business but your website is crucial in delivering a strong marketing message. Having a great website will ultimately help your business to develop and prosper. But how can you make sure that your website is one step ahead of all your business competitors? Of course, you can create a user-friendly website with amazing content. But how are you going to make sure that people can find your website?

How Get Blogged can help

Get Blogged facilitate blogger-brand relationships, with their blogger outreach work. They can help you to build backlinks across a wide range of quality websites and grow your brand awareness. The service you receive is completely customisable from start to finish and includes:

  • The option to choose the DA of the site you would like to feature on (the price will vary based on the DA you require)
  • An assignment brief set by you; outlining what you require from a blog/social media post (including anchor text, the target URL and theme suggestion)
  • Your required deadline
  • Get Blogged take care of the rest making sure that the assignment brief is met and maintained

My experience with Get Blogged

I’ve completed 5 assignments with Get Blogged, including 4 paid written posts and 1 social content creation assignment. While these haven’t been my highest paying opportunities, they are often enjoyable as you get to pick the projects that you want to work. Get Blogged offer support whenever needed and have always made prompt payment following the assignment being approved by their control team.

Sign up to Get Blogged as a new blogger (DA 5+) to find paid blog work and build your confidence in working towards blogging assignment briefs! The GB network is growing so this really is an opportunity worth signing up to and watching for future developments. Join their Facebook group too if you want to be the first to know about their latest assignments (and member-exclusive competitions).

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