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Disclaimer: don’t quit your day job. 

There are some apps that will reward you just for walking! Read about these apps and find out how much you can get paid with each one…


download sweatcoins

Sweatcoin tracks the number of steps using the iPhone’s built-in sensors. It then rewards them with a digital currency called ‘sweatcoins’ that can be redeemed with select retailers for a wide variety of sports-related goodies, foodie discounts and health programmes.

I’ve managed to earn 2000 sweatcoins so far (but I’m hoping to save up for one of the big prizes!).

>> Download Sweatcoins <<


Snatch is a free to play, virtual treasure hunt. Using augmented reality, grab parcels hidden around you virtually, then protect them from others who are trying to Snatch from you. You could win a free holiday, tickets to a gig, rewards and even hard cash. Just by stepping outside your door.

If you want to become a snatching pro, you should read these top tips for mastering snatch. Snatch have so far paid me several (small) cash prizes, some entertainment passes and some gift vouchers!

>> Download Snatch <<

Better Points

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This is the latest addition to my money making arsenal. Every time you record a walk, run or cycle with the BetterPoints app you’ll be rewarded with points. These points can be redeemed for a number of gift cards including Hotel Chocolat, Sainsbury’s & Arcadia! 

You can also take part in National Challenges to win even more rewards and be entered into prize draws to win anything up to 100,000 points (equivalent to £100).

>> Download BetterPoints <<


Spryfit is a goal setting app. If you’re confident that you’ll reach your target number of steps then you can bet money on it (please be aware that your money is at risk with this app!) If you manage to reach your goal then you can cash out your winnings through paypal!

>> Download Spryfit <<


Bounts Logo

Bounts track your exercise and reward you points when you exercise; either walk 7,000 steps, complete 20 minutes of constant exercise or check-in at a (selected) gym. Bounts is available on both android and iOS (as well as in the UK, USA and Canada). They change their rewards frequently, so it is best to check with the site directly for current information.

>> Visit Bounts <<

Charity Miles

Do you want to earn money for charity on your daily commute? This app (available on both Android and iOS) tracks how far you’re waling and earn money for charities! Just choose a charity when you go for a walk, run or ride and Charity Miles will use the GPS and motion sensors in your mobile phone to track your mileage (you can log both indoor and outdoor workouts).

Charities include the ASPCA, Habitat for Humanity, Nature Conservancy, Alzheimer’s Association, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Special Olympics and Wounded Warrior Project.​ 

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Looking to get fit but low on funds?

Emma J PT💪🏼

Need to improve your health/lose weight/get fit? Well you’ve come to the right place. Bee Money Savvy is run by a qualified personal trainer!  As well as signing up for these apps, you can find more (budget) fitness inspiration by following the link below.

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