Genius Ways to Make Money with Your Car

Most of us think of our cars as a money-sucker rather than a moneyspinner, no matter how essential they may be, but actually, your car can actually make you money too. Here are just a few of the genius ways you can earn some extra income from your car…

Make Money From Your Car

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Rent It Out

If you don’t need your car every day, and you’re looking to make a little money, you may want to look into renting out your car to other people. There are numerous websites. Like easyCar, which enables you to easily offer your car up at those times when you aren’t using it, to people in the area who need access to a vehicle for whatever reasons. In order to do this, your car will need to be in good condition and of a certain age and value, but if you meet the criteria, you could potentially earn thousands of pounds over the course of a single year, especially if you live in a touristy area.

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Sell Your Number Plate

If you type sell my number plate into Google, you will quickly see that number plates can be big business. There is a huge market for personalised number plates that spell out a particular thing that is important to the driver, and if your number plate fits the bill and you aren’t too concerned about keeping it, you could make a lot of money by passing it on to someone who really would value it.

Advertise on It

If you aren’t precious about the way your car looks, you could make money by wrapping it in adverts for local businesses or even national brands that you really enjoy. There are more companies than you may think who are looking for cars they can advertise on, and you can find them at websites like Rollin’ Ads and CarQuids. If you sign up, you’ll be treated as a brand ambassador, which means you’ll need to be well-behaved whenever you’re driving, but since the rewards can be as good as an extra £100 per month, it will be worth it.

Sign Up to Be a Courier

If you have a car, you have unlimited potential to deliver packages, fast food, important documents, etc.. You could do this regularly as a job or ad-hoc whenever you need to earn some extra cash. If you choose the right gigs, you could earn upwards of £15 per hour although you will be using fuel and you may need to up your insurance, so do take that into account before taking any courier gigs.


Carpooling, or lift-sharing as it is sometimes called, is hardly a big moneyspinner, but it could help you to cut the cost of your commute. If you fill your car with colleagues who are travelling to the same place at the same time as you, you can ask them for a fuel contribution, which will slash the amount you need to spend on filling up your car for the journey to and from work. Before you go ahead with this one it may be worth check that your existing car insurance covers carpooling!

Cars are one of the worst investments you can make (as they decrease in value so rapidly), but they don’t have to be a constant drain on your bank balance. Get smart and start making your car work harder for you.

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