Money Bee Stories: “I’ve travelled the world as a Creative Director”

Welcome to Money Bee StoriesMoney Bees is a weekly showcase of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and side-hustlers. This weeks Money Bee is Bryan, a Creative Director and Brand Specialist based in the US.

Meet Creative Director Bryan

Bryan Shelmon

Bryan Shelmon is a full-time Creative Director and Brand Specialist based in the US with a degree in Marketing and relevant work experience in the field. Has worked with clients globally and received public recognition for international projects across several creative industries.

Relevant experience includes managing various creative and marketing tasks including branding, developing marketing materials, social media management, content creation, re-purposing content, graphic design, audio/video editing, and more!

What is your job?

I’m a full-time Creative Director and Branding Specialist based in the US. I have worked on numerous creative projects around the world across a variety of industries.

Projects that I develop and implement for clients include activities such as managing creative and marketing tasks, brand development, marketing strategy and implementation, social media management, and content creation.

My skills and flexibility have allowed me to travel around the world to work on projects onsite while abroad, many times in foreign countries where the entire project was developed in the native language.

The best thing about being a creative director?

The best part about being a creative director is the creativity. Many clients work with me because I add an extra element of creativity to each project. Travelling around the world and experiencing so many types of projects has expanded my creativity to present new ideas. Even having worked with clients in various industries, what might be taboo for one industry might be revolutionary to another. The diversity in the work allows me to experiment with these types of concepts.

The worst thing about being a
creative director?

The worst part about being a creative director is the temporary nature of the projects. It’s always great developing new relationships and beginning to learn about new industries but most of my projects only last for a couple weeks to a month before moving on to a completely new role. Travelling to new countries and spending time there, I always grow a love for the city that I’m in. It’s sometimes difficult to balance trying to continue to grow in my career but maintaining relationships that I hope last for the long term. There’s a big sacrifice when constantly moving around to work on new projects.

The average day of a web creative director?

Every day is different as a creative director. While on a project, a day might consist of waking up early to plan, scouting locations, networking with other creative professionals, then sitting on a computer late night to handle general work. Other days might be the actual creative day where I’d be out in a city in various locations filming or attending events. The variety in the type of work that I experience makes it feel more like fun than a job because you never know what to expect until it’s actually happening.

How much can creative directors expect to earn?

Starting out as a creative director, you’ll do a lot of pro-bono work for building up your portfolio. The pro-bono work does have its advantages however! I’ve done unpaid projects but have been invited to live abroad for over a month and provided housing, food, etc. Once you become more established, you stand potential to earn thousands and up per project depending on the budget and need. The earning potential is uncapped since it’s moreso based on the value that you bring to the overall project. Even having a personal brand in the space is important to increase your value. It’s a field where the more you improve yourself, the more you can earn as a creative director.

What are your career goals?

My goal is to continue to increase my network internationally. Networking is important as a creative director, especially when working on projects internationally. Not only with different clients/industries, but also other creatives to be able to accomplish certain projects. Being a creative director has literally taken me all around the world so I want to continue to develop my skills to reach more people.

What has working as a creative director taught you?

Being a creative director has taught me flexibility. I have to maintain a sense of flexibility in all areas to continue to have success. From being location independent to the process of working on a project; I never know where I’m going to end up or what could happen while working on a project. Being flexible has allowed me to adapt to my environment and unexpected factors that may occur while working. Have a sense of flexibility keeps you focused on the main goal but able to work around various barriers to accomplish it.

Bryan’s advice for aspiring creative directors…

Developing a portfolio is most important to being a creative director. Whether you want to work on projects or around the world or in-house with one company, the better your portfolio, the more value you can convey. Most people want to know that you’re capable of getting a job done. No two projects are the same but an in-depth portfolio showcases your abilities and willingness to learn to achieve the objectives!

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