Side Hustle Businesses You Can Start From Home

You might have a regular job that you enjoy, but financially it might just not be cutting it. Many people turn to self-employment as it can be more meaningful, it leaves you in full control, and you can get many more financial benefits than you would from a regular job. Taking the leap from a full-time job to working for yourself can be a big one. Which is why taking things slowly and doing things bit by bit can be a good idea. Planning, and building up customers and clients before quitting your regular work can mean that things are much less stressful!

You might be wondering what business ideas you can start from home, or what is going to be a good way to make money? You don’t want something with high start up costs, for instance. So with all of that in mind, here are some ideas for small businesses that you can run from home, that can end up being super profitable!

Working from home


Blogging is still relatively new and a lot of people make money from it. Brands and businesses are seeing the value that it has in marketing, so it’s something that is going to be here to stay. It is a good idea to know what topic you want to be blogging about, so that you can create a brand for your blog. Having a niche is usually the best way to make money! Brands will be likely to pay you if they know that your readership is interested in a certain area.

It can take a few months of writing before you start making money. The good news is that you need very little to get started! A laptop and the internet being the main tools needed. The only other costs would be website costs (design and domain name), but they can be pretty inexpensive and you can do a lot of it yourself. If you’re interested in starting your own blog I can recommend TSO Host (you can start with your own website from as little as £20!

Graphic or Web Design

On a similar note, if you are quite creative or have experience with design or web design, you could be designing other people’s websites for them (as well as your own). If graphics is more of your thing and you’re quite creative, then you could be designing logos and graphics for social media channels. This is definitely something that people want to pay for, so can be worth looking into. Start up costs of this can be pretty low, especially if you already have a computer and the software that you need. Other than that, you can pretty much get going through advertising, reaching out to bloggers or businesses, and finding work on sites like PeoplePerHour.

Online Coaching

If you think about what you do in your current job, would you be able to coach people in it? If you work as a healthcare profession or something like a nutritionist, could you take on external clients? Even if you work in marketing or sales, do you have the success and background knowledge to help others that want to improve in this area? If so, creating an online course or doing specific online coaching can be a good idea. If you have a job where this wouldn’t really work, then have you considered getting training with something like bereavement counselling or training as a life coach? Then you can do one-to-one sessions with people, or create and sell a course online, which could be an audiobook, an ebook, or videos.

side hustle from home

Virtual Assistant

As has been mentioned, blogging and social media as a way to make money is something that is definitely up and coming and going to be here to stay. But if you don’t fancy being the person in front of the camera, then you can still be involved through being a virtual assistant. Many bloggers and influencers use an assistant to help them with admin, emails, photos, editing, and much more, so there is definitely a demand there. A good place to get started is with Facebook groups for VAs, as well as reaching out on Twitter and social media channels. Once you have a couple of clients, it can be easier to get more and more.

If you are pretty competent with social media, then you could work as a social media manager as well as a virtual assistant if needed. Influencers have a lot to do each day, and going through posts, sharing videos on Facebook, liking and commenting back to people on Instagram can all take time. You could help them to grow their channels, while they have more time to get focused on the content that they create for their main channels. This is pretty easy to get set up with as you usually just need your smartphone or a laptop and an internet connection.

Laura from savings4savvymums recommended becoming a virtual assistant when I asked her what her favourite side hustle was. She said “not only do I get to work around the kids but I can also work from home and set my own hours. I couldn’t recommend it enough to anyone who needs flexible working”.

Automate your Side Business

If your business has an online presence there are a few things you can implement to save time and improve your results! Increasing your level of automation will reduce your workload and increase the time you can dedicated to growing different aspects of your business. Here are some tips to help you market yourself much more efficiently:

  • Schedule content ahead of time
  • Create a content calendar
  • Social media automation
  • Accept guest posts or influencer takeovers
  • Encourage social sharing from your website
  • Use IFTT to create chain reactions across your channels

This is just a small list of side hustle ideas that you can do from home. There are plenty of other side hustles and work from home opportunities to earn extra £££’s out there!

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