Money Bloggers Share their Favourite Side Hustles

side hustle is an income generator that brings in money on the side. If you’re looking to boost your income, pay off debt, or increase your disposable income, a side hustle might be exactly what you need! To help you find your perfect side hustle I’ve asked some of the UK’s top money bloggers what their favourite side hustles are. Here is what they had to say…

Best Side Hustle


“I started blogging as a hobby in 2016 and this year it’s become so much more. I now earn more money from my blog than I do from my job. I love blogging so this is a huge bonus for me!” Claire –

Affiliate Marketing

“Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money from my blog and I can write about anything I fancy! Affiliate marketing allows you to make money suggesting services and products for people to purchase. I took this course and loved it!” Katy –

Virtual Assistant

“Mine is being a VA. Not only do I get to work around the kids but I can also work from home and set my own hours. I couldn’t recommend it enough to anyone who needs flexible working”. Laura –

Working as an Extra

“I worked as an extra. They were long days but the pay was good and I saw some stars in action.”

Survey Sites

“I like doing surveys with Prolific Academic as they pay much better than other survey sites, you don’t get screened out and the surveys are usually quite interesting.” Fiona –

“In November I made £63.09 on Prolific Academic alone” Emma –

Task Apps

“Phone ‘task’ apps such as Roamler and Be My Eye. I can pick up work as and when I want it and they pay quickly. I usually combine them with mystery shopping.”

Dog Boarding

“Dog boarding doesn’t feel like ‘work’ – getting paid to have puppy cuddles is the best thing ever! It entails having a dog live with you whilst their owner is away, and can definitely be done around a job, as I have had lots of jobs over the weekend, due to people going away for the weekend and just needing their dog looked after then.” Francesca –

Website Testing

“I love website testing with WhatUsersDo. It’s really easy to do and some of the tests have taken me a few minutes with only a couple of questions. It’s £5 per test and the longest has been 20 minutes. It’s a great way to have a sneak peek at new websites and features too!” Victoria –

Matched Betting

“Matched Betting is something I started back in 2016 and since then it’s paid for a house deposit, a dog and a 2 week holiday to Walt Disney World. It’s the best thing I ever started and it’s tax free which means everything you make you keep.” Neesha –

Online Book Publishing

“Online book publishing is an exciting side hustle because you get to produce kindle, paperback and audiobooks for sale, but you don’t have to write them yourself if writing isn’t your thing. A great way of building a passive income.” Corinna –

Mystery Shopping

“My favourite side hustle is probably mystery shopping. I love that I can get paid to go get a free lunch or to go shopping. It’s really easy to get started and just about anyone can do it” Morgan –

Online Courses

“Online courses are great for a side hustle and the best bit is that once you have them created they bring in a passive income with little effort to maintain each month.”  Mark –


“We sell personalised items, start-up costs were low and we are super busy.”   Charlotte – (BebeMakes on Etsy)

“Selling through Fulfilled by Amazon. Instead of holding on to stock and posting it myself, I send everything to Amazon for them to deal with. I aim for £1k of sales (not profit) per month from this very part time side hustle” Emma Drew –

“Reselling on eBay, we’ve been reselling for profit on eBay for over a year now and learned a few lessons along the way and found a way to make a steady income which I hope to go full time with soon!” Katie –

For additional side hustle inspiration you can visit my side hustle page. I’d also love to hear what wonderful (and weird) side hustles you do, please do let me know below and you could be featured on this list!

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  • I love this post!! I’m always looking for bonus side hustles, and my husband is looking to start, as well. I’m excited to read through these again later with him. Thank you!

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