Wealthyhood Review – Start Investing with as Little as £10

Collaborative Post – When investing your capital is at risk. 

Three-quarters of millennials said they were planning to invest within the year, with the most popular reason being the poor interest rates currently on offer by savings accounts. As a millennial myself this is very much true for me, my interest in investing has increased over the past few years and I’m constantly on the look out for new platforms that can offer me easy to navigate investment options.

There is an increasing appetite for accessible investment options for beginner investors to test the waters and take control over their financial future. This is why today I’m going to share my Wealthyhood review. 

Wealthyhood review

Wealthyhood Review – Start Investing with as Little as £10

What is Wealthyhood? 

Approved by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), Wealthyhood is a DIY investment app. They aim to help people build their wealth over time, by providing the perfect mix of personalisation and automation. 

The FinTech (Financial Technology) startup launched its beta version in May 2021 and already has more than 4,000 early subscribers on its waiting list. 

Wealthyhood creates a brand-new investing experience with: 

  • Smarter tools to develop, finetune and automatically maintain your investing strategy and wealth-building mindset. 
  • Personalised insights to help you invest in what matters to you and achieve your individual goals. 
  • Fewer fees, as every £ you don’t pay in fees compounds in your portfolio. 

The team behind Wealthyhood has a wealth of experience (including an Ex Morgan Stanley Trading Strategist & Ex Sony PlayStation Senior Software Engineer). Therefore, it’s no surprise that it has already won 1st place on FinQuest Accelerator, been shortlisted from 850+ companies for The Seed Stage pitching event and is currently participating in the VISA Innovators Program. 

Managing your Investment Portfolio 

Find the right plan for your portfolio with a selection of options to suit every type of investor. There is currently one plan available but there’s soon to be 3 plans to choose from, each with different pricing and benefits:

  • Wealthyhood Beginner. The beginner plan is available for £1 a month, allows you unlimited commission-free investing, over 50 ETF’s, real-time guidance and insights, and thousands of personalised portfolio options.
  • Wealthyhood ISA. This plan will cost £3 a month, and offers everything the beginner plan offers plus retirements accounts and tax benefits.
  • Weathyhood Pro. Costing £7 a month the pro plan allows you to invest in individual stocks and unlocks access to premium tools, analytics and insights.

The Wealthyhood interface is one of the most aesthetically pleasing investment platforms I’ve ever seen, it’s very modern and uses emojis to demonstrate your portfolio value, cash and total returns (you can find all this on your dashboard once you’ve signed up). 

Wealthyhood dashboard

Using the ‘Portfolio Lab’ tab you can view a breakdown of your current holdings. Again, this aspect of the dashboard is very neat and easy to understand. On the left is a pie chart breakdown of the different type of investments you have in your portfolio. And on the right you can see a more detailed view of your stocks, including their performance and the option to buy or sell. 

Wealthyhood Investment Portfolio

Looking further into the Portfolio Lab there’s the option to discover new assets based on your preferred sector. I opted to explore the Energy and Healthcare stocks further, but there’s plenty to choose from including Technology, Financials, and Industrials stocks, Government Bonds, Corporate Bonds, Commodities and Real Estate. 

My Wealthyhood Review 

I love the emphasis Wealthyhood places on long term investing. I see too many people falling victim to the lure of get rich quick strategies (that very rarely pay off). The key to being a smart investor is thinking long-term and this is what Wealthyhood is trying to promote.  

I saw an interview with Alex Christodoulakis (co-founder of Wealthyhood) where he suggested that he and co-founder Kostas spotted a gap in the market when they began looking to invest their money on a monthly basis; back then they were busy professionals and didn’t have the time to research investment strategies – I can relate.  

Alex goes on to mention that the trading apps that are currently on the market are often too complex for beginner investors and often incentivise you to actively trade – easy leading you to end up gambling instead of investing. In the same interview Alex and Kostas talk about helping users develop the right wealth-building mindset through interactive guidance. 

As soon as I heard about Wealthyhood I signed to their waitlist. They provide a real opportunity to not only focus on long-term wealth building but to also gain access to a whole host of learning material to help you be smarter with your money – including this beginners guide to investing. 

Wealthyhood investment courses

Wealthyhood’s beginners guide to investing

Start Investing with as Little as £10 

If you’re interested in learning more about making smart and long-term investments, Wealthyhood is the platform for you. Their focus is on beginner investors as they aim to help you learn along the way. I consider myself a beginner investor and look forward to reading the articles and resources to improve my investment knowledge.  

One major advantage of investing with Wealthyhood is that their platform is commission-free and allows you to start with just £10, so you can start small and build your confidence (while building your money).  

I completely recommend adding your name to the waitlist – this way you’ll be the first to know when all aspects of the Wealthyhood platform are launched. 

Sign up now to get exclusive access right away!

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