Improve Your Working From Home Productivity

Working from home can be a really great experience. You get to be within arms length of all of your usual creature comforts, and there’s no chance of losing all inspiration by staring at the same white walls and office furniture that’s common amongst specified work buildings. However, figuring out how to balance your time and make the most of every hour you have can be tricky, as despite the positive benefits there are also some negatives too. Distractions are all too common when you work from home, and trying to stay focused can be a bit of a nightmare. So, if you’d like to know more about how you can balance your time and make the most of your day when working from home, then read on to uncover some of the best tips and tricks that you can begin implementing today! 

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Plan Your Day 

Planning out each individual task can really help you to gain more control over your day. Begin each day by assessing what you have to get done, and figure out how much time it should take on average to complete each different job. You may be tempted to work longer hours when operating out of a home office, but it’s best to stick to a normal 8 hour shift to reduce the chances of you suffering a burnout. Even if you make the smallest timetable that features little snippets such as ‘complete writing task – 20 minutes’, you can help yourself to stay on track and work to a set time-frame. Make use of a stopwatch or timer to let you know when to move onto the next task, and stick to your plan no matter what. 

Avoid Distractions

The home is full of distractions! The presence of the TV and family members act as constant reminders of the stuff we indulge in outside of the office. But to be productive when working from home will require you to resist these temptations. Here are some ways that I beat the distractions when working from home:

  • Use a calendar or to-do list.
  • Have a clear and designated desk/working space.
  • Reward yourself for staying off your phone. I use an app called Hold for this.
  • Leave the house where possible; even if you spend 1 day a week working from a coffee shop or go for a walk on your lunch break.

Be Smart 

There are lots of ways that you can be smart and use your initiative in order to work in a timely manner. Whether this be by making the most of business document creation that can help you save valuable time making perfect suitable pages for every individual task, or gain stronger access to the internet or your employers data network to transfer files at lightning speed. Think outside the box as much as you can to figure out any alternative ways that might help you balance your home when working from home. 

Staying Motivated 

Being motivated to complete all of your work to the best standard can encourage you to get everything finished in the most timely and high quality manner possible. Troubles with motivation are very common in workers who operate from home, as it’s just so easy to go into  another room and do something more fun and enjoyable like cook a meal or watch TV. Cutting out these distractions will help you to stay motivated, as the more you are able to focus on your work, the better the chance of you completing it in super fast time. 


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Balancing your time when working from home needn’t be as tough as you might think. Take these top tips into consideration to ensure you boss it each and every day!

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