6 Ways To Reduce Your Monthly Bills

Everyone wishes that they had some extra cash. The best way that they do it is to save money on their monthly expenses. This isn’t always easy when the month stretches right out, and there isn’t much month left at the end of your paycheck. The big bills each month can be challenging to manage, and yet most people just accept this is the way life is and don’t look for an alternative option.

Here’s the thing: the status quo bias is real. We believe that it’s easier to just go with the flow than it is to try and make a change that will work. So, we listen when we are told what to pay out, and we accept it. But you don’t have to – you can shake things up and cut your monthly bills right down. Speaking of which, let’s look at six ways you can do just that!

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Take down your mortgage by making some calls and seeing whether you can refinance your house. You can lower your mortgage if you make the right choice with your borrowing. Refinancing for lower interest rates is just a smart decision, and you can save a lot of money each month with this easy decision.


You can shave money off of your utility payments when you ensure that your home has better energy savings. You could overhaul your entire HVAC system, and you’ll see a noticeable difference in how much money you pay. Your water bills can be reduced when you use water tanks and rainwater butts, and you can even insulate your house better to save money on the heat.

Mobile Phone Bill

Aimee from Money Savvy Aimee suggests switching to a sim only deal to save money on your mobile phone bill. I switched to sim only last year (paying only £9 a month) and bought my phone upfront meaning that I’m not tied into an expensive contract! To save money on your phone bill you should also download Airtime Rewards. This clever app lets you earn money when you shop to pay off your mobile phone bill. Enter code D4E3EPAA when you download Airtime Rewards for a bonus.

Car Insurance

Your car insurance may be a high payment that you are making each month, but with the right coverage, you can lower the price. Your car value could be low because of the way your car depreciates, which means you could be paying insurance that is right for a vehicle that is worth more.


You can pay less for your entertainment each month – especially if you love to stream TV from other countries. You can save your money by reducing data on your phone, canceling expensive TV packages and embracing Netflix, and using services like TroyPoint to keep streaming overseas for a low cost. Your entertainment doesn’t have to cost you more than your mortgage, so figure out how you can pay less each month!

Food Bills

Cut down your food bills by something as simple as switching brands. You can also save a lot of money when you buy fresh food from the butchers and grocers over the shrink-wrapped options in the supermarket.

You can also make savings on your food bill by claiming cashback and checking shopping apps for free and discounted food.


Lastly, you can save a lot of money when you downsize entirely. If you have the means to downsize and refurnish your home, selling off the bits that you don’t need, then you should. This will bring down your overall costs and will help you to save an awful lot of cash!

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Make your savings each month and direct your saved money towards something extra special, such as a family holiday!

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