Signs You Need A Career Change

Have you been pondering a change in career for a while, but you haven’t actually taken the plunge and made it happen? You might think that things will change in your career soon, and that you’ll be able to stay where you are. Maybe you think things will change with the company, or your role, or maybe even that you’ll get a promotion. However, if you’ve felt this way for a while, chances are, things won’t change. There are some clear signs you should look out for that will indicate you need a career change sooner, rather than later.

Take a look at the signs listed below and see which resonate with you:

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You No Longer Feel Passionate About The Work You Do

Maybe you felt passionate about the work you do at first. Maybe there’s a part of you that still cares about it. However, if that passion has waned over the years, you either need to find a way to get it back or find another job. You’re not necessarily supposed to stay in the exact same career your whole life. It could be a natural end to this career and your time to look for something new and fulfilling to do. If the passion has been dead for a while and you can’t think of a way to ignite it, start looking at your career options.

You’re Getting Complacent

Getting complacent with work is a huge sign you need something new to do. If you just aren’t taking the time and pride over it that you once did, try to work out why that is. Getting complacent could be remedied – perhaps you need to chat to your boss about being given more challenging work, or work more suited to your skills. However, if you know there’s nothing that can be done, it could be time to find work that will light you up again.

You Can’t Wait For The Weekend And Dread Monday

Looking forward to the weekend isn’t necessarily the problem, but dreading Monday is. You shouldn’t hate work so much that you dread the start of the week. If Sunday night always rears its head too soon, then your job could be the problem.

You Don’t Feel Like You’re Compensated Fairly

Do you feel like you should be getting paid more for the work you do? First, it could be worth setting up a meeting with your boss and asking for a raise. If that doesn’t work, then contacting a place like Silven Recruitment and finding a new role may be necessary.

You Struggle To Find Positive Things To Say About Your Job

Do you have more negative than positive things to say about your job? Make a list. If there are very little positives, it sounds like it’s time to leave. Just because you are in your comfort zone, doesn’t mean you should stay.

If you resonate with many of the above pointers, then you should probably look at searching for a new career sooner rather than later. Leave your thoughts below!

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