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Welcome to Money Bee Stories. Money Bees is a weekly showcase of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and side-hustlers. This weeks Money Bee is Victoria, a full-time blogger that manages 4 blogs!

Meet Full-time Blogger Victoria

Victoria is a busy mama of two on a personal mission to be healthier and wealthier. A professional blogger with 6 years’ experience, blogging at Lylia Rose, Healthy Vix, Travel Vixta and Wood-Create. Favourite topics include healthy living, making money online, saving money, self-employment, family lifestyle, home and garden.

What is your business?

My current business is a set of four money-making blogs, so my job is a full-time blogger. What started off as a side hustle making a small income, has now become my full-time role.

I originally had an online shop and was trying to create more content for that website, so started a business blog. It reignited my passion for writing and I just loved to blog, so changed it to a lifestyle blog, kind of as a hobby, but also to try and get more eyes on my online store.

After a couple years I started getting offers of paid content, which I declined at first as I didn’t really understand it. After reading some blog income reports online I quickly realised I was missing a trick and that I could monetise much of my content.

Three years after starting my blog I started to accept some paid content and it really quickly grew from there. After six months I was making more money than my part time job at that time. I then decided to try and really put myself out there to make a full-time living. I was successful and after six months of making a full-time living I left my part time job to focus on blogging.

That was 19 months ago and I’ve consistently made a full time wage from blogging ever since. I’ve since set up three more blogs, so I have four in total. This is partly so I can niche down on each blog as my first blog covered all sorts of topics, so now I’m trying to separate these topics onto different blogs, but also so as I can create income from more than one blog. So today I run four blogs that make money.

I make money on my blogs through sponsored blog posts, brand collaborations, running giveaways, social media adverts and affiliate marketing.

The best thing about being a full-time blogger?

The best thing is the flexibility it provides. I have two young children, ages six years and three years currently. I work whilst they are at school and then again in the evening. That’s not without its challenges, but it does give me a lot of flexibility to fit my working life around their school lives, especially whilst they are so young.

The worst thing about being a full-time blogger?

At the same time, one of the worst things is trying to fit it all in around the children and family life! I have to split my working day, so I work a few hours whilst they are at school and nursery and then again in the evening. It means there is never a break or a switch-off. When I’m not working in the morning or after school, then I am making lunchboxes or cooking dinner, plus doing as much housework as possible. As soon as they are at school or in bed then I work. I do miss having the time to wind down and forget about work in the evening as I don’t have any time to switch off. It’s hard to take a night off as there’s always something to do and I could always be doing it as my work is right there with me at home, not left in an office far away!

What does an average day of a blogger look like?

I work from around 9am-3pm Monday to Friday and then again from 7/8pm-10/11pm most nights. I do usually take the weekend days off, but I’ll often work the weekend evenings, unless I’m really on top of everything, which is rare!

I spend a lot of time doing ‘blogmin’ such as checking and answering emails (I get 100-150 a day), searching and applying for blogging opportunities, networking, building up my social media followings and scheduling updates, bookkeeping, tweaking my website and writing blogs posts (both my own or collaborative posts).

I can never always plan what a day will look like as I often turn around paid work in 1-2 days, so it all depends on what lands in my inbox that day. I often get work that has a tight turnaround and so I’ll need to re-prioritise my workload that day.

How much can bloggers expect to earn?

It really depends on so many factors such as website traffic, domain authority, social media followings and also how you choose to monetise your blog and which method works for you (sponsored posts, ads, affiliate links). It’s rare to just start a blog and make money instantly from it, unless you’ve cracked SEO and have a really good niche that is found instantly. It takes time to build up and what works for one blogger, might not work for you. For what I do and having blogged for six years and built up my main blogs domain authority to a good number that a lot of brands want to work with, I made approximately £2400 on average each month in 2018.

What are your 2019 business goals?

My goals this year are to keep build up the domain authorities on my three newer blogs which will hopefully open them up to more paid work collaborations. The idea is that if one blog is quiet with paid work, then it won’t matter so much as I have three other blogs. When you start to rely on your blog as your full-time living then I think it’s important to diversify that income. That can be through different income streams on the one blog, but I’m always terrified something will happen to my main blog so I want to have a few blogs as well as different income streams on each.

What has blogging taught you?

That there’s nothing harder than working for yourself, but also there’s nothing more rewarding! I went to a networking show once and someone said he always thought he worked hard, until he worked for himself. It’s very true. I’ve always been a hard worker and a workaholic, but it’s next level when you work for yourself. It has taught me to chase dreams and that anything is possible with some hard work and dedication.

Victoria’s advice for aspiring bloggers…

Go for it! I know so many people who say they want to blog and then years later they still haven’t started! If you want to do it then just do it. A basic WordPress website on a personal plan is only £36 and that’s an affordable way to start blogging and to see if it’s for you. You can even start a free site if you’re not sure at all if it’s for you and don’t want to spend any money.

I think people are too worried about knowing everything before they start and to get it all perfect. I think the best way is to just start and get used to the platform and then learn as you go. It can take a while to find your writing style and even what niche you really enjoy writing about. Of course we’d all like to have perfected this when we start out, but often it can take time. I think the only thing most people regret is not starting sooner once they find something they love doing!

I’m still learning things every single day and there is a very helpful blogging community out there. Search for Facebook groups and you’ll find thousands of bloggers willing to offer advice and help newbies. It’s mostly a very welcoming community.

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