7 Things I’ve Done This Year to Save Money

2020 has been a particularly challenging year for many people struggling financially. From being furloughed, unable to work, to rising supermarket prices and increasing energy bills. There’s no time like the present to improve your money management skills.

Over the past year I’ve made several changes to my lifestyle in order to save money and make my money stretch further. Here are some of the actions I’ve taken to improve my finances.

Save More Money

Claimed Bank Switching Bonuses

Switching banks and taking advantage of any bonuses that they might be offering is a quick an easy way to make some quick money. The process takes just seven working days. The Current Account Switch Service guarantee that your new bank takes care of closing your old account, moving your balance and switching your payments.

I’ve switched banks twice this year. The first switch allowed me to bag £150 from NatWest and the second switch made my partner and me £100 each. Therefore, bank switching bonuses have earned me a healthy £250 this year.

Started using Period Pants

Periods don’t come cheap. Menstrual products cost on average £10.24 a month (that’s £4,916 over the course of a reproductive cycle).

Period pants are leakproof knickers, that take away the need to wear a pad, tampon or menstrual cup. After use, you wash them like you would with your usual underwear. Each pair of period pants can replace up to 3 tampons per cycle.

This year I started using WUKA Period Pants. I have 2 pairs that I use on my heavier days. This has reduced the cost of my period by 50% a month (around £5 a month).

Use a Cashback Site for Every Purchase

Cashback is an effortless way to make a percentage of your money back every time you buy something online. When you shop through a cashback website they earn commission for sending you to the retailers website, they then reward this commission back to you.

My favourite cashback site is TopCashback and I shop through their website or app anytime I make a purchase. I’ve earned over £700 by doing my shopping through TopCashback now (including a £100 cash prize for completing one of their surveys).

You can also automate your cashback savings with the Airtime Rewards app. Downloaded the app, connect your card and earn cashback when you shop at selected retailers. Use promo code D4E3EPAA when you download Airtime Rewards for a sign up bonus.

Use ZipZero to reduce household bills

ZipZero is a great app for helping you reduce the cost of your regular bills. Once downloaded you can upload receipts to the ZipZero app. 1% of the total cost displayed on the receipt is how much you will get as a credit. Earn at least £5 credit to be able to withdraw your earnings towards a household bill. You can redeem this credit towards any ongoing household bill (including broadband, energy and council tax).

I use my ZipZero earnings to help pay my broadband bill and have so far saved £37.40 with this money saving app.

Earn £5 a Month with SnapMyEats

SnapMyEats is another must-have app for the aspiring money-savvy. Upload your receipts that include purchases of food or drink and earn £1 for every 3 receipts within a month (up to £5 for 15 receipts). You can then withdraw your earnings as a shopping gift card once you reach £10.

I earn £5 almost every month with SnapMyEats and cash out a £10 Tesco voucher every two months.

Save money by using discount codes from Honey

Honey is a browser extension that automatically searches for discount codes when you reach the checkout of an online shop. It’s available for all of the major web browsers and is much easier than manually searching for the best discount code.

I initially wasn’t convinced that Honey could beat my student discount offers but it proved me wrong. In most cases the Honey browser extension has doubled the discount that I was able to claim with my student discount.

Claimed Free Food With these Apps

There are several apps that offer you free food from your local supermarket. My favourite free food apps include:

Shopmium, GreenJinn, CheckoutSmart and ClickSnap are all Cashback apps; meaning that you buy a product specified on the app and then claim the money back after you’ve purchased the item. I’ve included the Greggs app as I’ve managed to claim various free treats through their rewards program.

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By taking these actions I’ve managed to save and earn £100’s over the past year. It’s for this reason that I want to shout about these money saving methods.

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