Lucrative Ways To Optimise Your Blog Advertisements

If you own a blog or website, the best way to make money from it is to engage with sponsorship. You have turned your side hustle into a career; now it’s time to take it to the next level! Increasing traffic to the site should make your platform one that sponsors want to invest in, but it’s not as easy as signing on the dotted line. To turn a profit, it’s essential to choose and understand the most lucrative optimisation techniques. That’s how 14% of blogs make a living from blogging.

Here are the best options and how you can incorporate them to make as much money from advertising as possible.

Optimise Your Blog Advertisements

Sell Ads

If your platform has a decent level of traffic, advertisers will want to piggyback off of your success. To do this, you need to create an “hire us” page and outline your requirements in detail. For example, you can put how much it will cost and the different options available to interested parties. To prove you’re a good investment, make sure you show off your traffic stats. Rankings on Google and Alexa are the two that stand out the most because they are major players in the market. You can even include your analytics data, newsletter engagement and social media following.

Pay-Per-Click (1)

PPC is when an advertiser pays you a set amount for a lead. When they advertise on your blog, you get your customers to click-through and make a conversion and they reward you with a slice of the pie. Of course, traffic isn’t enough because people are fickle and need encouragement to make a sale. So, as well as upping your SEO efforts, it’s essential to think about your CTAs. For one thing, make sure they are strong by offering something in return, such as a free trial. Next, optimise each page so that going to the checkout is as simple as clicking a button.

Pay-Per-Click (2)

On the flip side, you can be the advertiser. Although you have to pay commission to bloggers, you will make money because it’s only a small fee. Compared to the dozens of new customers coming through the door and making a purchase, it isn’t much. However, you need a strong affiliate network to ensure you get a high influx of people landing on your site regularly. The bigger the pool of affiliates at your disposal, the more chance you have of making money from performance-based marketing.

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Paid Reviews

Reviews are an online currency due to the murky underbelly of the internet. Customers want to be sure the stuff they buy is legitimate, and they ask their fellow shoppers for help. Therefore, manufacturers will pay a hefty price for a review, especially if you’re a trusted blogger. Of course, you have to disclose the information in the post, yet it shouldn’t stop clients or your audience from caring. As long as you are trustworthy with high traffic rates, you can make up to £100 per article.

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How to Make Money from Your Blog

While blogging takes a lot of time and effort, and progress doesn’t happen over night; once you’re set up, blogging can be a really worthwhile business venture. You don’t have to waste your blog space. With advertisements and sponsorship opportunities you can make a passive income with minimal effort.

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