Lockdown Spending Diary – May 2020

The lockdown in the UK officially began on the 23rd March 2020. Initially, this meant that we were under strict instructions to go out only when necessary. Only food shopping, to collect medicine, once-a-day exercise or to go to work (if you are a key worker) were considered necessary reasons to leave your house.

Then, lockdown was eased slightly on the 10th May. This meant that those who could not work from home should have begun to go back to work, you could meet one person outside your household (outside and keeping a 2 metre distance), and some leisure facilities and shops could reopen (with social distancing plans in place).

As I continue to work from home and follow government guidelines I want to show you my lockdown spending diary.

Lockdown spending diary
Spending diary lockdown

Week 1 Spending (May 1st – May 8th)

Bills = £318.58

1st May: Most of my bills for my one bedroom flat come out on the 1st of the month. These bills include council tax £95 (including a 25% single person discount), a mortgage payment of £172.58, payment to Yorkshire Water £31, and Bulb Energy payment of £20.

Ordinarily this would include a £9 bill for my sim-only phone contract but I used Airtime Rewards credit to pay this bill for May.

Treats = £107.72

1st May: On Friday the 1st I spent £17.22 on a takeaway from Just Eat (two Chicken Tikka Masala’s for those of you that are interested).

5th May: I bought a new coat in the North Face sale. My family go mad at me every winter for not wearing a coat so I figured that the bets time to get a good deal on a coat would be at the start of summer. It was 50% off in the sale (£100 down from £200), plus I had a 10% discount code (£90) and I purchased through TopCashback (saving a further £7.50). After Cashback this makes my purchase of a brand new North Face coat £82.50.

3rd May: My best friends birthday is coming up soon so I bought her… (well I can’t really say what I bought yet) but this part of her gift cost me £8. I’ll update and tell you what I bought after her birthday.

Weekly Food Shop = £33.20

Food shopping has been a lot more expensive since we entered lockdown. This particular food shop on the 6th May cost me £39.20. However, this did include some free cheese from Shopmium and two free drinks from Green Jinn (after cashback) which cost £6 in total.

Income/Side Hustle = £140.93

1st May: I cashed out £15.93 from the OnePulse App.

4th May: I earned £10 by referring people to the Cleo budgeted app.

6th May: Won a £5 Amazon Gift Card from the Hiro app (offer has now ended).

8th May: Earned £20 Amazon Gift Card by taking part in a market research group.

Like most small businesses, my income has dropped significantly this month. I still managed to earn £90 this week from sponsored blog work.

Week 2 Spending (May 9th – May 16th)

Bills = £15.90

13th May: the only bill that doesn’t come out at the start of the month is my broadband, which is £15.90.

Weekly Food Shop = £32

12th May: My weekly grocery bill came to £32 this week. This was from Morrison’s where I also have a More Card.

Treats = £30

15th May: With the beautiful weather we’ve been having and very little opportunity to take advantage of it during lockdown I decided to buy a deck chair so that I could sit outside in the sun.

Income/Side Hustle = £1,064.63

9th May: Someone used my referral code for Curve – this earned me £5.

14th May: I withdraw £11.60 from Prolific.

15th May: I work part-time alongside blogging (17.5 hours) and my wage of £900 is paid on the 15th. We’re currently working from home so we’ve also received a small work-from-home tax break of £6 a week (backdated to the start of lockdown). I also make a small contribution of around £30 a month to my pension as my work place also contributes. Total wage for May = £943.03

My blog income for this week also totalled £105 (mostly from a sponsored post through Get Blogged).

Week 3 Spending (May 17th – May 24th)

Weekly Food Shop = £31.25

May 21st: This weeks food shop was far better planned and the stock in the shop was back to normal. My £39.25 food shop also included 2 drinks from Green Jinn, as well as 2 lots of cheese spread, a glass of chocolate milk, and a carton of coffee from Shopmium; meaning that I will be able to claim £8 back as cashback. On top of this, the Morrison’s More Card paid out a £5 voucher that can be used on the next shop.

Treats = 37.55

17th May: I don’t often buy new clothes but I felt like treating myself to a new t-shirt. It was from JD sports and I had a discount code for 20% off bringing it down to £20. I also purchased through TopCashback so have £1.67 on the way too.

20th May: The weather was amazing so I went to my local shop and spent £7.35 on drinks and snacks to have in the sun.

21st May: A spontaneous takeaway was ordered, costing £10.20 (salt and pepper chicken for those of you investing in my takeaway choices).

Mortgage overpayment = £400

19th May: I absolutely understand the privileged position that I’m in to be able to make an overpayment on my mortgage. I’ve already built up a comfortable rainy day fund so my next priority is to pay off the biggest interest debt I have – which is my mortgage.

Income/Side Hustle = £131.51

18th May: Cashed out a £10 Tesco gift card from SnapMyEats.

18th May: Someone used my referral code (EJGNN4EU) for Oval earning me £5.

22nd May: £6.51 cash out from Prolific.

For this week my blogging income was £110. I’ve noticed that the blogging work is starting to pick back up now that the lockdown restrictions are starting to ease a little.

Week 4 Spending (24th – 31st May)

Weekly Food Shop = £46.20

30th May: My partner and me decided to take a long walk by a river, have a picnic and then get out food shopping out of the way. This was a little more expensive than usually as we bought a bottle of raspberry gin.

Treats = 73.99

25th May: I’ve needed some new trainers for a long time so I bought some new Nike running shoes for £52.

29th May: I treated my partner to a dominos pizza, she’s a nurse and deserves all the treats! A large pizza and a few sides cost me £21.99.

Income/Side Hustle = 268.36

28th May: £17.11 cash out from Prolific.

29th May: £11.25 cash out from OhMyDosh.

Blog income boomed this week and I managed to pocket £240.

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